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The At of Italian Hospitality

I offer two workshops where you can learn to get the most out of your Italian hospitality experience, either as guest or host.

Italian Hospitality Workshop -Il Galateo

A fascinating workshop in which we will learn the secrets of the italian hospitality bible "Il Galateo"; including hospitality styles, event planning and organization, italian etiquette, table arrangements and manners, tips ,practical tools and more..


Italian Culture and Cuisine

A unique lecture focusing on the rich Italian culinary: the dishes, raw materials and gastronomy of italian Regions. Fascinating stories about traditional recipes and products beyond conventional dishes, all from an authentic Italian point of view.

Italian Culture and Cuisine 

A comprehensive lecture / workshop on the rich culinary tradition of Italy and its various regions.

We art all familiar with pasta, pizza and gelato, but Italian culinary culture stretches into a rich, diverse world far beyond.

Italy has a unique culinary tradition which is unlike anywhere else  in the world. Each of its twenty regions has its own variety of local produce, dishes and native wines. Provincial recipes have evolved over many centuries, soaking up influences from the different nations who have ruled the Italian peninsula at various times.

In this lecture we will learn about what distinguishes each district in terms of its people and culinary traditions ,with intriguing stories and memorable anecdotes about the unique cuisine of each area.

Get Ready to embark on a fascinating and enlightening journey across a country that cherishes food, the finest fresh produce and the good life.

Duration of the lecture: 1.5 hour.

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Italian hospitality workshop - Il Galateo

In this one-of-a-kind workshop, we will learn the secrets of the classic Italian hospitality bible "Il Galateo" including: various styles of hospitality, event planning and organization, table arrangement, rules of etiquette, practical tools, tips and more.

In the first part of the workshop we will discuss the various styles of hospitality in Italy, planning and preparing for a significant event (as a host or guest), and other hospitality fundamentals  tips and secrets.

In the second part of the workshop you will have the opportunity to practice in setting a table in an Italian style and we will discuss the do's and don'ts of etiquette including captivating stories and examples. 

The purpose of this hand-on workshop is to give you the tools to host and/or be hosted like a real Italian together with easy-to-implement basics for whenever you want to host in style, all taught in a way that is light, fun and accessible.

Duration of the workshop : 2 hours

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