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About Me


I am a consultant on Italian-Israeli business culture, and I'm an expert in Italian culture.

Born and raised in Rome, I immigrated to Israel 13 years ago.

I have long-standing affiliations with the most important international trade fairs in Italy, and I regularly connect  Israeli entrepreneurs and companies with suppliers and customers in Italy.

A crucial part of forging international business relationship with Italians is learning and understanding the business codes of conduct in Italy, such as negotiation tactics ,dress codes, etiquette and rules of hospitality.

My passion is to help Israelis learn the business culture of Italy, i order to make their business relationships more effective, efficient and sociable, and to enable mote successful interpersonal and intercultural communication.

Both the business community and the private individuals can benefit from the exposure exposure to the worlds of Italian cuisine, aesthetics and hospitality and business culture that I provide with passion and flair through my experiential workshops and lectures on these fields, in addition to my personal consulting service with respect to Italian trade fairs. I hold a B.A degree in communications and international relations and a master's degree in human resource management, and I'm fluent in Hebrew, Italian, English, French and Spanish.

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